Garden Pruning What you need to know

25th August 2016
Garden Pruning What you need to know

What is the difference between Bypass and Anvil secateurs is a common question we get asked. Nice and easy, bypass secateurs give a nice clean cut and are ideal for accurate pruning and also for cutting back green wood. Bypass secateurs work in a scissor action where as Anvil Secateurs work with a knife action, this makes them much more suitable for cutting hardy woody stems and old dead wood. So if doing any delicate pruning ALWAYS use Bypass Secateurs. The same applies to Anvil Loppers and Bypass Loppers.

Pruning is an essential gardening job but alway check what time of year to prune sometimes right after flowering, others in the dead of winter. Here is a brief guide.

Early Spring: Ornamental grasses, Parly woody perennials, evergreens, Summer flowering trees,shrubs,roses, hydrangea

Early Summer: Evergreen shrubs, flowering shrubs like lilacs, rhododendrons

Autumn: Flowering perennials and annuals.

Winter: Deciduous trees, and evergreen trees and any that are prone to pests.